Practice Areas:

Corey emphasizes on employment, personal injury, insurance, civil rights, consumer law, medical malpractice,  and wrongful death.


As an employee, you have important rights under the law. You have the right to be paid for all of the hours you work, including overtime; the right to rest and meal breaks; and the right to equal treatment without regard to your gender, race, age, religion, disability, or veteran status.

Employment suits may include injury, wage dispute, discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or issues connected to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are the victim of illegal workplace practices, Corey will defend your interests, fighting aggressively to secure you the maximum compensation for your suffering.

Corey has fought against the largest companies and governmental agencies to protect workers’ rights. Corey represents individuals, union members, and groups of employees. Corey’s opponents take him seriously because they know he will go the distance by preparing your cases for trial from day one. Corey will never try to settle your case for less than it deserves.

Personal Injury

Corey provides high quality legal services to individuals who have suffered loss of a family member, severe personal injury, or substantial financial loss through the wrongful conduct of individuals, corporations, or government.

Corey  understands that a major injury can have serious consequences. The insurance company keeps calling you. The medical bills are piling up. You need more medical care, but can’t afford it. Someone wants a statement. When the injury was caused by another—a person, a corporation, the government—feelings of frustration, helplessness, and anger surface. Corey takes the stress off your shoulders so that you can focus on what is important: healing.

Corey has successfully represented many people in serious injury  cases.  He is not afraid to take on major corporations, the government, and insurance companies. The following list is a representative sampling of the types of cases Corey handles:  auto accidents, nursing home abuse, sexual assault, birth injury, head and brain injury, premises liability, construction site injuries, recreational injuries, on the job injury, spinal injury, wrongful death, fractures, and vision and hearing loss.